Zuo Modern

Established in 2005, Zuo Modern is the product of two entrepreneurial friends, who shared a vision of building a successful modern furniture company together that was beautiful, accessible, and fun!

With an eye on high-design and fashion, their upbeat, modern collection has evolved into a lifestyle brand that includes inspired furniture for every room in your home, as well as a gorgeous collection of outdoor furniture, lighting, and mirrors. is the best online store to find the best deals on Zuo Modern products.

Each Zuomod products on offer:

  • furniture for the modern home, urban home or office space
  • a mix of mid-century, modern, contemporary and industrial design
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$2,338.00 $1,838.00

Zuo Modern Jonkoping Wheat 900626 Sofa

$2,338.00 $1,838.00

Zuo Modern Jonkoping Lime 900624 Sofa

$2,098.00 $1,598.00

Zuo Modern Providence Blue Velvet 900282 Sofa

$2,098.00 $1,598.00

Zuo Modern Providence Gray Velvet 900280 Sofa

$2,538.00 $2,038.00

Zuo Modern Fortress White 900231 Sofa

$2,538.00 $2,038.00

Zuo Modern Fortress Black 900230 Sofa

$1,658.00 $1,158.00

Zuo Modern Fortress White 900221 Arm Chair

$1,658.00 $1,158.00

Zuo Modern Fortress Black 900220 Arm Chair

$2,598.00 Sold Out

Zuo Modern Aristocrat White 900111 Sofa

$1,198.00 $698.00

Zuo Modern Traction Clear 850330 Mirror

$1,058.00 $558.00

Zuo Modern Stretch Clear 850222 Mirror

$1,138.00 $638.00

Zuo Modern Orbital Clear 850029 Mirror

$1,378.00 $878.00

Zuo Modern Bang Clear 850001 Mirror

$1,338.00 Sold Out

Zuo Modern Burst Clear 850000 Mirror

$1,678.00 Sold Out

Zuo Modern Mayakoba White 703844 Dining Table

$1,098.00 $598.00

Zuo Modern Mendocino Brown 703832 Dining Table

$1,518.00 Sold Out

Zuo Modern Noe Brown 703831 Dining Table

$1,698.00 $1,198.00

Zuo Modern Trek Gray and Beige 703827 Beach Sofa

$1,098.00 $598.00

Zuo Modern Coronado Cocoa 703825 Coffee Table